K & M Van

General Info

The original construction took nine weeks in 1996, then went through another nine week rebuild in 1997 this is how the van stands today with no changes for over 10 years.
We have won many competitions over the years and intend to continue for many more years to come. If you visit the shop in Wigan we will be more than happy to let anyone listen and feel the power of the K and M van. We can also talk you through all the trophies we have won and other aspects of shows and competitions
The van normally runs at 150db and about 155db at competitions. It measures 3.2 on the Richter scale; this makes it the loudest and deepest car audio bass demo in the world!

Components Used

12x Cerwin Vega XL18 400Watt RMS 100db 1w/1m
6x Hifonics Son Of Colossus 1100 RMS at 2 Ohms each
3x Hifonics MARS 2 x 75 RMS ¼ Ohms Stable
8x Cerwin Vega 6×9” ( in the doors )
6x Cerwin Vega 4” midrange speakers
6x Cerwin Vega 1” Tweeters
1x Extant EQ
1x Phonix Gold active crossover
1x Audio Control Epicenter
1x Lanar 12 channel line driver
1x Alpine 1202 and 1204 changer
1x Hifonics electronic crossover
3x 120AmpChrysler Alternators
1x specialy made alternator bracket
3x mastervolt 3 stage alternator regulators
6x master volt sealed gel batteries (200Amp hours for 5 hours each)
1x Tonne of sound deading

Music Path

From the alpine front output the signal goes to the Hifones crossover, the signal is then split into midrange, treble and full range. The full range signal goes to the Hifonices mars amplifier that runs the 8 6×9”s in the doors, the amplifier is running at 1 ohm per channel. This is 75 RMS per speaker, 600Watts RMS in Total. The midrange output feeds another Hifonics Mars amplifier that powers 6 4” Midrange speakers at 75Watts RMS each 450Watts RMS in Total. The third output feeds another hifonics mars amplifier that runs 6 tweeter at 75 watts RMS each 450 watts in total. All added together this is 1500watts RMS without any bass amps running.

From the Rear Output of the alpine the signal goes to Audio Control Epicenter then into a Pheonix Gold crossover with built in level control, the signal then goes into a lanzar 12 way line driver , left right input gives us 6 left and 6 right equal outputs for the 6 Hifonics son of colossus amplifiers. Each amplifier power 2 XL18 Subwoofers each. 6 Amplifier. 12 Subwoofers. The subs are rated at 400 watts RMS each and the amps can deliver 550 watts RMS to each 6600 Watts RMS in total (this happens when the van is in competitions) But for normal street bass 4800Watts RMS of class A B amplification is enough. Each of the cerwin Vega XL18 are in sealed 6.5 cubic foot boxs.

Power System

The power system was designed so the van could play almost on full power for long periods of time. The three 120amp alternators are controlled by three mastervolt three stage regulators. From the alternators the power goes down three separate zero gauge FFX power cables to two 200Amp hour batteries per alternator, six batteries in total. Each bank batteries supplies one music amplifier and two bass amplifiers. 1200 amp hour for 5 hours plus 360 amps of alternators that’s over 1500 amps of pure current.