View our live workshop camera

The Shop Front

The entrance for all our customers, this is the first thing you will see when you turn into the street (Seven Stars Road). Once though the door we have demo stands with headunit, amps, subs, speakers, displays and much, much more. Feel free to come down and have a look / listen at any time.

Keith In the Shop

In the shop you will normally be greeted by Keith who can give you all the advice you could ever need about security and audio upgrades, plus all the other products we sell.

The Workshop 1

This picture was taken from the top of our demo van, as you can see, we can easily work on five cars. We have a huge heater on the back wall that keeps us, your cars and the tools warm. (Mobile fitters just struggle in the cold and wet).

The Workshop 2

We store the van in what we call the pit, you can see this in the corner of the picture. The Workshop is well lit with Windows and Roof Sky lights giving us plenty of natural light and in the winter we have plenty of low bay lights. The doors are large enough to fit a wagon, lorry, tractor or motor home into the workshop.

The Workshop 3

In the far corner of the workshop we have our brew area next to that is one of the workshop computers. They are used for Clifford alarm set up and alpine inprint set up. Also internet access allows the lads to check their emails and surf the net (at brew times only).

The Dust Room 1

The dust room is equipped with a crosscut saw and many hand tools, we build all out bass boxes, shelf builds, door builds, boot build, etc. in this room. The room may look messy now but we do clean every day or after a job.

The Dust Machine

This is the huge sucker that sucks all the dust/MDF dust into the machine, there is also a sucker right behind the crosscut saw.

The Dust Filter

This filter is over the top, for example if you smoked (none of us smoke) into the sucker end of the machine and then went to the exhaust on the outside of the building there would be no smell or trace of the smoke, that is how good this filter is.

The Canal

The Leeds to Liverpool canal is right behind our unit, we call this “The Wigan Rivera” nice in summer at lunch time. This also means we can work on narrow boats and barges (We have actually done two).