BMW Engine Remap and Diesel Tuning in the Northwest.

BMW 3 seriesIf you are considering a remap of your BMW Engine Management and live in the Northwest and want to tune your diesel engine either for better economy MPG or more power then we have a solution which offers both.

A BMW remap often is optimised for more economy or more power or a little of each. Most drivers are well aware any MPG improvement is worthwhile, but what if you want more power from your BMW engine maybe on a temporary basis?

Unlike a remap our system offers 5 settings which are easily adjusted to provide anything from maximum power to maximum fuel savings, putting you in control of what you want. Adjustments can be made in minutes, so if a long journey is coming up, while you are checking your BMW’s oil, water and tyres, you can set your BMW engine for maximum fuel savings.

Like wise you may be feeling the need for more power which is just as easy to set.

BMW_logoWe have found our BMW diesel engine tuning to offer incredible power and torque increases. BMW engines can reliably produce more than 100Nm of torque than the factory settings which totally transforms the drive of the car.

“Effortless overtaking”, “smoother power” “More miles per tank” are comments we hear from our customers on a regular basis.

There is another benefit which our system offers over a BMW remap, our systems are removable and can be installed on your next diesel vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a remap saving you even more money, even if your next car is not a BMW!

K and M in the Northwest can reprogram the system to suite most modern diesel engines again with the options for Power, Fuel Savings or Both.

Feel free to contact us about your BMW engine specification and expected improvements in Power, Torque and Fuel improvements on 01942 820174.