Hijacking in Bolton

The district of Bolton has incredible history. Even during the Bronze Age period, there were already people living here. However, it was only in 1251 when it was given a charter and was able to build its own market. Two years after, it was transformed into a borough.

Today, Bolton is the home of Reebok and Warburtons. There are also plenty of service-oriented companies around, which basically drive families to move here.

Companion RemoteIt’s a sad thing, though, that crime rate is also quite high in Bolton. In fact, hijacking in Bolton is one of the most feared by vehicle owners.

Fortunately, in Wigan, you will find the best seller for car key security or carjacking prevention devices. A well-established company called K & M Acoustics.

K & M Acoustics are specialists currently offering Clifford Black Jax, which is actually a very powerful device. This is a small accessory that you can attach into your vehicle directly or to your present security device.

How does the Clifford Black Jax work? It permits your thief to cover a small distance. This is to avoid raising his suspicions. However, his intrusion will also immediately sound the siren and blink the lights, which will be more than enough to capture the attention of other people, especially the police.

clifford-alarm-arrow-5-1The ignition will also start to slow down until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. The Clifford then prevents the thief from starting the engine again. He’s practically left with no choice but to abandon the vehicle. On the other hand, because of the very short distance covered and the slowdown of the vehicle, you can have enough time to go after your car and then retrieve it once the hijacker has admitted defeat.

The Clifford Black Jax works without the use of buttons and transmitters. You can program it automatically even with the use of other devices such as your mobile phone. It works regardless if you have prepaid or have a  contract mobile phone plan.

For more information on all our products and services call Keith or Mike at K and M Acoustics on: 01942 820174.