Cruise Control

Many modern vehicles have the option of cruise control, but if not specified at the time of ordering will not be fitted or working. To have it installed at a later date by the main dealer can be very expensive and sometimes is not even an option.
Should you wish to have cruise control installed to your vehicle then the experts at K and M Acoustics in Wigan offer several cruise control options at reasonable prices.

cruise control

Our workshop based in Wigan is equipped to work on many vehicle types from cars, campers and motor homes to HGV, coaches and even boats.

Cruise control, auto pilot or auto cruise as it is sometimes known offers great comfort to drivers allowing them to maintain a steady speed without using the accelerator pedal, just drive to the speed you choose then activate the cruise control, your speed will remain constant and you will no longer need to use the accelerator pedal.

Long journeys become much easier when you use cruise control, stiff leg syndrome becomes a thing of the past as you no longer need to hold your foot in one position for hours.

Drivers who suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions really appreciate cruise control as it lets them get in a more comfortable position while remaining a safe driver.

This is especially useful to drivers of motor homes and campers due to the long journeys at relatively low speeds, one camper driver in Wigan told us it saved him fuel due to the accurate speed the cruise control maintained while he toured Europe.

An added feature of cruise control systems is the ability to set a maximum speed limit or speed limiter. This will prevent accidental speeding, protect your driving licence and saving fuel.

All the functions are controlled by a factory looking stalk or in some cases existing buttons the vehicle has, allowing easy activation and control over the speed settings.
There are several systems available, it is best to pop in the shop or give us a call so we can advise the best system for you’re vehicle.