Tracker Fitting in Wigan

Tracker fitting in Wigan by K and M Acoustics is varied from car to car to ensure ultimate security.

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Tracking gps system

Most people buy GPS Tracker for Insurance purposes or just piece of mind, Tracker and Trackstar are Insurance Approved, coming with documentation and all information to satisfy all insurance criteria.

Tracker fittingshould never be completed in a way where a would be thief can find the equipment and disable it.

K and M Acoustics believe Tracker should always be hidden away but during Tracker fitting the signal strength must be tested to ensure correct functionality.

Tracker Fitting

What Trackstar TM100 Does
TM100 is the new name for the system previously known as the RAC Trackstar Plus . The TM100 will track your car if it is moved, without your vehicle’s key in the ignition.  This vehicle tracker works by sending a signal to the Trafficmaster National control centre who will pin point your vehicle’s whereabouts using the American Military GPS satellite network.  The Trackstar stolen vehicle tracker system is also equipped with a motion sensor and will alert the Control centre in the event of your vehicle being moved by low loader or towing.


K and M Acoustics are experts in Tracker Fitting as well as Trackstar fitting with massive amounts of experience on all cars from run of the mill cars to the more exotic ones like Lamborghini & Ferrari.

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