High Definition Vehicle CCTV with Live View

High Definition Vehicle CCTV


You will probably know just how good high definition can look when you watch a movie on a flat screen TV. But as far as in vehicle CCTV is concerned the majority of products available are still standard definition.

We have developed our own high definition vehicle CCTV system which provides outstanding picture quality as well as auto view switching to clearly show the driver what is going on in their blind spots.

Our high definition vehicle CCTV system is around the same price as other standard D1 resolution systems.

High definition vehicle CCTV offers far more than just a nice crisp picture.

In fairness most vehicle CCTV monitors are too small to really show the high resolution image available and HDMI connectors in vehicle monitors are still quite rare.

The main benefit is in the recorded detail which is the vital evidence required for insurance claims. Many insurance companies offer concessions to clients using CCTV on their vehicle fleet. Accidents happen it’s the nature of the job, CCTV keeps the costs down should an accident happen no matter who was at fault.

Unlike the majority of vehicle CCTV systems which record in standard D1 resolution our vehicle CCTV cameras can record in full HD 1080p. The difference means FOUR times more information is captured and stored effectively doing the work of four normal cameras. Zooming in on a high definition recording still shows astounding detail without pixilation. Faces, vehicle registrations and details are easily seen even from a distance.

Our system can handle normal analogue cameras meaning we can help bridge the gap if you already own cameras on a vehicle and looking to upgrade to high definition.

A good example is when vehicles already have a reverse camera and a monitor, our system can make use of the installed camera and monitor and just add the side and front cameras in high definition to have a complete DVR package where everything is recorded.

To further enhance safety, our system can provide extra in vehicle cameras to provide driver behaviour and even monitor stock or clandestine / immigrant entry in the load area. For this purpose we use infra red or state of the art thermal imaging cameras to clearly show what is happening in the dark, all recorded in full quality. Bear in mind this information is clearly shown to the driver, so an illegal person can be seen immediately plus the method of entry will have been recorded also.

To enhance our system further we can provide one of our Virtu-Bond mobile broadband systems to allow live viewing and remote access to the recordings. Each camera can be viewed in real time plus access to recordings can be done from any on-line connection.

To keep data costs down our Virtu-Bond connection utilises any available Wi-Fi as the first priority connection. When your vehicles are in your yard they will connect to your wi-fi network and only use the mobile data when there is no free wi-fi available.

Data can even be passed through you phones internet allowance which often is more cost effective than a new contract.

Like all live viewing of vehicle CCTV systems, bandwidth is the key to having smooth flowing high quality video.

Remember the high definition recording quality is not affected by the remote view stream so a lower quality can be set to ease the live viewing demands on bandwidth.

To provide greater bandwidth we recommend the Virtu-Bond Quad Bond as this can use four internet providers at the same time, together as one really fast, reliable internet connection. Our bonding of networks provides a very robust and uninterruptable mobile broadband connection, should one provider fail the bandwidth is reduced but the flow does not stop.