Insurance Approved Cat5 and Cat6 Thatcham Assured

Thatcham Insurance Approved Tracking System


If you have been asked by your insurance company to have a tracker installed to your vehicle then you will need one of our insurance approved tracking systems.

If you are looking at a tracking system for your own piece of mind rather than for insurance purposes then we have some interesting products which will really protect your vehicle from theft and in some cases are better than a tracker.


Insurance approved tracking systems fall into two categories, theses are CAT5 and CAT6. The CAT6 tracking system is fine in most cases as it is insurance approved and works very well as a tracker, however there is a growing number of car thefts where the thief steals the car keys to steal the vehicle. Should this happen with a CAT6 tracking system there is no way of knowing the thief is not the rightful driver and will not alert the operation centre of the theft. The tracking system will still track and trace the vehicle once the theft is reported showing not just where it is but where it has been too. This often gives the police vital evidence and information as to the addresses where criminals are active.

The CAT5 system is very similar to the Cat6 tracking system with one major difference; there is a transponder unit which the rightful owner needs to carry with them to identify themselves to the tracker. The transponder unit is small and easily fits in a wallet or purse and must be kept separate from the car keys. That way if the keys are stolen and the transponder is not present the GPS tracking system will know the vehicle has been stolen and will alert the operation centre who will then alert the owner & lease with the police.

Contrary to popular belief the insurance approved tracking system does not alert the police directly but a secure operation centre who work 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. The secure operating centre respond to tracker alerts such as vehicle being towed or driven without transponder by calling the owner and going through security questions to be sure they are speaking to the right person. It is the owner who then reports the theft to the police, a crime number is supplied which is when the vehicle is classed as stolen.

The GPS tracking system is viewed on a monitor clearly showing a map with the direction and speed of the vehicle; by relaying this information to the police they can respond accordingly and be directed to or intercept the stolen vehicle.

The operation centre will charge an annual fee for their services which is typically £147.50 per year including the data costs in Europe.