Best Car Audio For BMW

Best BMW Car Audio, K and M Acoustics are an industry leader in car audio systems.
Specialising in BMW, we service the Manchester area, and offer a one stop shop to upgrade your car audio to the best sound quality. BMW’s come already equipped with decent sound quality stock, but by upgrading your car audio with K and M Acoustics you can achieve the best sound quality possible. We don’t just upgrade BMW’s though, we’ll upgrade any car audio in the Manchester area. Our goal is to replace that basic stock system with a unique professional sound system. We carry such quality brands as Alpine, Kenwood, and Sony. We’ll take care of everything needed to enhance your car audio the best sound quality.

For more information on BMW car audio systems contact Keith or Mike on 01942 820174.

BMW_logoAt K and M Acoustics we do it all, from installing a new head unit, wiring, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofer’s, bass boxes, sound deadening, audio control electronics, and accessories. We give you the knowledge you need to decide the best set-up for your car to obtain the greatest sound quality. Our technicians will do it all for you, transforming your car into a serious sound machine. We’ll work on any vehicle you bring to us, and ensure that the upgrade is always done to the highest standard.

Having been around since 1993, K and M Acoustics has always been source of knowledge and quality in 2000 we moved to Seven Stars Road, our current location. Since then we have held the motto “do the job right the first time”. That is exactly what we do, present the best and most knowledgeable information, combined with years of expertise to give you the sound quality you deserve.

K and M Acoustics also specialises in car security systems, multimedia screens, Bluetooth car kits, Sat-Nav, speed camera detection, and tow bars for the Manchester area.

So if you want to switch out your standard system in your BMW, replace that old system in your car, or add some unique flare to that high end ride, K and M Acoustics is the number one place for you to go. With years of knowledge and experience, we’ll always make sure we “do the job right, the first time”.