Car Alarms in Warrington

Protect Your Car from Damages with a car alarm in Warrington.  Car Alarms nowadays, have come to play a major role in ensuring the safety of cars, and to ensure that your car remains safe and sound, the experts at K and M Acoustics in Wigan are always at your service.

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Wigan is a small town located in between Manchester and Liverpool and is the base of K and M Acoustics.
Travelling to Wigan from Warrington is a short and relaxing journey by car and it takes only 20 minutes. The team of installers at K and M Acoustics can successfully fit car alarms in your car and at the same time, your family can have a great time at the craft gallery, Wigan Pier, and craft fairs, to mention a few places to visit here. Shopping at the arcades is a great experience, and overall, this trip can be planned to be more like a holiday trip!

Car Alarms in Warrington fitted by our team at K and M Acoustics include those from ‘Clifford alarm systems’. The ‘Arrow 5.1’ from the Clifford’s have always provided excellent protection for cars, according to feedback from our customers.
Their BlackJax anti-hijack is another important feature, as this prevents a professional car thief from getting inside the car, despite accessibility to the car keys. A few of our customers have got the BlackJax anti-hijack product installed by K and M Acoustics as a single standalone product.

The highly qualified team of experts at K and M Acoustics assure you that they can not only fit those Clifford alarm systems which they have installed, but they can also repair units they have not installed. Another essential unit in car alarms according to me is the Clifford CallGuard, which is a widespread observation system and GSM control, there’s more info about this product on our products page. The system is basically a standalone self monitoring GPS tracking system. Our customers feel that the best feature of this Clifford CallGuard is that it is highly compatible and works well with every GSM 900/1800 MHz network and optionally, some 850/1900Mhz networks as well.

Trackstar Manchester
Trackstar Manchester

This system can also be combined with ‘OEM or aftermarket alarm/ keyless entry systems’ as this also prevents any kind of infringement. Trackstar Plus is another car tracking system with a ‘monitored GPS Vehicle tracking’ facility that guarantees recovery of your car within one hour or sooner.

K and M Acoustics also supply and install car audio in Warrington, click Car Audio Warrington to visit our home page.