Car Audio Bolton.

Car Audio Bolton.It’s not too difficult to pick out the cheapest car audio, shops provide instead of shelling out a few extra pounds for a nicer model. It’s also not hard to imagine yourself stuck in traffic on the M61 during that already too-long commute to work. Now, just  imagine that your stereo breaks down right in the middle of the jam. It looks like you’ll get to enjoy listening to the engine noises, tyre screeches and other sounds that accompany a packed motorway. Suddenly that quality stereo unit seems a lot more appealing doesn’t it?


For more information on car audio in Bolton contact the team at K and M Acoustics in Wigan on 01942 820174.

Why buy something that’s just going to break down anyway, when for a small price you can get a top of the line variant. K and M Acoustics in Wigan have spent the last twenty years helping drivers solve the same problem.

Keith and Mike started as independent suppliers who actually sold to car hi-fi shops. If there was ever a high standard, these guys set it. In the couple of decades since then, we’ve been going strong, installing the car audio Bolton sound and speed enthusiasts requested even if we’d never seen it. As a result of all that hard work, our comprehension of the car audio installation procedure is unmatched.

We don’t just install the greatest car stereos Bolton drivers have ever seen, we also make sure your car has room for all the accessories that go along with them. No other car acoustics shop will rework your interior with completely new speaker mounting that looks like a perfect match. Our experts, however, have devoted years of training to doing just that. Every change we make to your vehicle’s interior is mirrored by a sense of craftsmanship that makes our cars the envy of drivers all over the UK.

Don’t get caught in the middle of traffic or a long holiday voyage with no tunes to listen to. Keep your stress levels low and your stereo on high by visiting K and M Acoustics in Wigan. To set up an appointment, call us on 01942 820174 or email