Car Audio in Warrington

K and M Acoustics  have always attracted you to need car audio in Warrington. Thanks to the present technological advancements, we come across a number of sources to make life simpler. We at K and M Acoustics in wigan provide you with the best solutions for audio systems in your cars.

 Wigan is a beautiful town located almost at the junction of Manchester and Liverpool, approximately a distance of 20 Km from each. Warrington on the other hand is just 10 miles away from Wigan, and by car, you can reach this town in just a matter of  half an hour. Move over, this trip becomes a relaxing journey with Car Audio in Warrington provided by K and M Acoustics. We are reputed for giving our customers great service for over the last 20 years

Once you reach Wigan, your car is our responsibility, and our team of experts ensures that they provide your car with the best quality car audio system of your choice.

For more information about K and M Acoustics and the products and services we supply  contact Mike,Keith or any of the team on 01942 820174,

 The beautiful town of Wigan, is not only home to K and M Acoustics,  we have the Grand Arcade shopping center with shops and cafes where you can relax whilst we work on your car. In a car audio system the main unit is the CD player. We at K and M Acoustics deal with the manufacturers like Sony, Pioneer, Blaupunkt, Kenwood, as well as Alpine, among others. The units supplied and installed by us come with Detachable front facias, MP3, RDS, Line out, Text ready, and iPod compatible to name just a few features.

Alpine CDE 126bt

In fact, the good news is that our Alpine stereos including head units and media stations are equally compatible with iPods, mp3 discs, and players. Hence, you can conveniently add your most wanted song collections to your car audio system. These products allow you to navigate and browse through the selection of songs very smoothly.

The Alpine products (widely popular with many car owners) feature a great quality and support speedy transfer of data including great playback facility. We do the full fittings for you professionally. The car audio supplied by K and M Acoustics helps you to easily transfer and play your favourite music from your iPod to the car audio system. The hard wiring that we provide helps to connect the ipod with the car radio, and you should make sure that your iPod is located in an accessible position.

We also provide brackets and chargers to help with the fittings .Our team at K and M Acoustics provides you with the best quality speakers for your car. In fact, our team of specialists at K and M Acoustics in Wigan is always at your service and we can help you decide what the best amplifier is for your system.

K and M Acoustics also supply and install car alarms in warrington, tracking systems, phone kits and many more great products. For more information contact Mike, Keith or any of the team on 01942 820174.