Car Audio Preston

Car Audio Preston .You feel the final movements of your favourite concerto with exquisitely poignant vibrancy. The crescendo swells and you swear you can almost hear the violinist shift her grip on her bow. Finally, the build up breaks and the notes wash over you like a wave of sheer joy as you pull into the parking space and get out of the car with a spring in your step, ready for the day ahead.

For more information on car audio in Preston contact Mike or Keith at K and M Acoustics in Wigan on 01942 820174.

Honda Civic with Sat - Nav, DVD and Live TV.

The right stereo can really change the way you approach your commute. At K and M Acoustics in Wigan, the car audio Preston drivers only imagine in their wildest dreams gets turned into reality.

Our shop was founded by two former students who got their very start redefining industry standards. Armed with an ability to create beautiful custom bass boxes from scratch, Keith and Mike began selling their products to local hi-fi shops eager for a chance to expand their stock beyond the ordinary. 18 years later, K and M Acoustics is still the Northwest’s best-kept car audio secret.

When we set out to deliver the car audio Preston was asking us for, we decided not to follow in the footsteps of our predecessors, who were loathe to share information. We ensure that regardless how obscure a question a customer asks us may be, we can find an answer fast. We think you should know everything about what’s going into your precious ride, so we’ve never stopped studying to improve our knowledge.

We make it easy to get car audio that meets your needs, even when you weren’t aware you had them. We’ll also work with you on pricing so that you don’t waste money buying something that’s all flash and no bang. Count on every K and M Acoustics system to transmute your mundane listening experience into a heavenly sound scape, complete with all the rich highs and lows that make music pleasurable.

Your car audio doesn’t have to be a hassle to upgrade, and making changes needn’t drain your pocket either. By selecting the parts you must have now and creating a wish list with the help of our experts, you can drive away listening to an awesome stereo system that only gets better with passing time. To learn more about how to do a lot on a little budget, call us on 01942 820174 or email now.