Ipods In Wigan

Ipods in Wigan have become very popular  over the last few years, so K and M Acoustics in Wigan have become the leaders in Ipod compatibility for your car, With many audio and charging solutions available to you K and M Acoustics should be your first port of call for advice and prices, give Mike, Keith or any of the team a call on 01942 820174.

Your iPod® at Full Speed this is Alpine’s way of connecting your ipod to your car.


Full Speed lets you use convenient Quick Search and Percentage Search features to browse your iPod music collection fast and easily. Full Speed also means excellent iPod sound in your car. Connect to all the latest iPod players too, as well as older models equipped with a dock connector.

Alpine are the leaders in in car ipod connections so if it’s the best of the best your after then come down to K and M Acoustics in Wigan where we have all of the alpine range on full working demo, you can even bring your own ipod along and be amazed at the sound quality.

The other option is the wired FM kits, these are much better than the FM transmitter type but not as good as the Alpine systems. ipods in Wigan are a big part of peoples lives now so why not think about an incar upgrade as a present!
The Dension Ice>Link One, is the latest in Densions range of Universal iPod Vehicle Adapters. The Ice>Link One is the upgraded version of the Ice>link FM which was one of Densions best sellers in previous years.
Dension have upgraded the Firmware on the Ice>link One, which means it is now compatible with all the new iPod’s (as of 2008) so you you can enjoy all of your music library which ever iPod you own. The Ice>Link One is installed directly into the vehicles aerial input socket and draws power from the radio harness. This ensures you receive a high quality connection that also charges your iPod while connected.

The Ice>link One is an FM Modulator which translates the MP3 music stored on your iPod into a frequency similar to DAB signal, which is then sent via a hard-wired connection (this means NO fm through the air) into the aerial ensuring you receive a signal as close to digital as possible. This significantly reduces the chances of any interference and ensures you receive crisp & clean CD quality music from start to finish. This kit should in know way connected with the FM Transmitter rubbish that’s on the market.

Dension First produced the Ice>link One for an alternative for vehicles that are incompatible with the Gateway range, however the device has now become as popular as its big brother (the Gateway 100) due to the excellent quality car audio production and no vehicle compatibility restraints.

For more information contact Mike, Keith or any of the team at K and M Acoustics in Wigan on 01942 820174.