Car Tracking in Bolton

Crime rates in the UK have risen exponentially, and the district of Bolton is not spared. Hijacking has been very rampant that car owners are becoming more apprehensive about the safety of their vehicles and even of their passengers. Car tracking in Bolton will help relieve that apprehensivness.

 Car tracking in Bolton is a viable solution to carjacking. In fact, you may just help reduce the crime rate and make Bolton a much safer place to live in. All it needs is a 20-minute drive to the town of Wigan also in the North West of England.

 Wigan has K & M Acoustics, which has been regarded as one of the best sellers for devices intended for car tracking in Bolton. It has different products for you to choose from, one of which is called TM100.

 For more information on car tracking in Bolton don’t hesitate to call K and M acoustics of Wigan on 01942 820174.

 TM100, formerly called RAC Trackstar Plus, is a system capable of car tracking in Bolton at lightning speed. With it installed, it’s not uncommon for you to retrieve your vehicle within an hour.

 It works with the use of the GPS that is installed in the unit. It receives signals from the satellites of the U.S. forces, but everything is being monitored by the Trafficmaster National control Centre. Besides the GPS, the system also has a motion sensor,

Satellite tracking
Tracker Fitting

 which is also used for car tracking in Bolton.

 When your vehicle is moved from one location to another, the control center will notify you immediately. You will then have the option to report the condition to the police. After reporting, you can then ask for a crime reference number, which you will then have to give to the Trackstar Plus operator, whose number is 0844 561 999 0. By then, you will receive location updates every  20 seconds. They will also be the ones to coordinate with the police force in nabbing the thief. The system doesn’t produce any sound at all, so the thief will never know that he or she is being tracked.

 You can also use the car tracking in Boltonif your vehicle has been moved without the car key in the ignition. It could be because it has been towed or placed in a low loader.

 For more information on car tracking in Bolton don’t hesitate to call K and M acoustics of Wigan on 01942 820174.