Car Tracking in Chorley

Chorley is one of the most pleasant residential areas to live in—if not for the occasional hijacking crimes that occur. As a car owner, this can definitely scare you to pieces because you’ve worked hard for it. The solution is car tracking in Chorley supplied by K and M acoustics in Wigan.

But do you know that the solution to your problem is just within 15 minutes from your vicinity? In Wigan, you can find a store called K & M Acoustics, you will find the best car security features you can install. One of them is TM100 tracking system.

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Perhaps this doesn’t ring a bell to you. Actually, this car tracking in Chorley device was previously known as the RAC Trackstar Plus. To give it a different look and to emphasize its much better features, it is later called TM100. GPS TrackingThis will also tell you that the device is part of the Trafficmaster group. They are the ones that have cameras installed in blue poles all over the trunk roads.

The unit used for car tracking in Chorley has a GPS unit. It receives info from the U.S. military satellites that are orbiting the earth. In turn, they will be sent across to the Traffic Master National Control Centre. This then allows them to monitor the location of your vehicle.

If there is a change in location, you will be instantly notified. If you believe that your vehicle has been stolen, they can immediately send a notice to the police, with the use of the coordinates or the exact location of the vehicle. They will also provide you with the criminal reference number, which you have to provide to the Trackstar operator, its number being 0844 561 999 0. He or she will activate the GPS tracking system of your device.

By turning it on, you will be able to receive updates of its whereabouts every 20 seconds. The system has been so efficient that a lot of vehicle owners are able to obtain their cars back within an hour. The police are able to arrest the criminal.

The system can also inform you if your vehicle has been taken away without the keys in the ignition. This usually happens if your car has been towed.

For more information about car tracking contact Keith or Mike on 01942 820174 or call in the car audio shop in Wigan