Car Tracking In Wigan

More and more you will see the introduction of car tracking in Wigan, such as when you need to park outside the shopping center or when you don’t have a garage to speak of. The perfect way around this is car tracking fitted by K and M acoustics of Wigan in the North West of England.

Tracking gps system

 However, in Wigan, hijacking has one of the perennial problems. With the high cost of buying and maintaining a vehicle, you certainly don’t want that to happen to you. Fortunately, there is a shop you can depend on when it comes to car tracking in Wigan. It’s called K & M Acoustics.

 K & M Acoustics has been around for so many years, offering different kinds of car GPS tracking devices, usually for the prevention of theft or hijack. One of these devices is the TM100.

 For a more detailed understanding of car tracking in Wigan please call K and M acoustics on 01942 820174.

 TM100 is actually the new name of RAC Trackstar Plus. It is a device that is capable of car tracking in Wigan and allows you to retrieve your stolen vehicle as fast as one hour.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple. The system has its own GPS or global positioning system handled by Trafficmaster. It also receives live location feeds from the GPS satellite network of the U.S. military. Hence, if the location of the vehicle suddenly changes, you will instantly be notified with it. You have then the option to notify the police force if the sudden change of location is due to hijack. The system can still inform you of location movement even if the keys are not plugged into the ignition.

 When you’re at the police station, you can then get a reference number, which you will then give to the operator of Trackstar. Their number is 0844 561 999 0. They will be the ones to send you updates every 20 seconds using their GPS system.


Tracker Fitting

 Though it’s true that the Wigan police cars are equipped with tracking devices, Trackstar Plus will do car tracking in Wigan on its own. This is to supplement the capabilities of the police force. Trackstar will also be the ones who coordinate with the police by providing them instant updates.

 And if you’re wondering if Trafficmaster is really capable of monitoring, just check out the blue poles you see on the trunk roads.

 For a more detailed understanding of car tracking in Wigan please call K and M acoustics on 01942 820174.