24 Hour Fleet Tracking In Wigan

GPS Truck Tracking  is an important part of running a successful haulage company. The GPS is a vital information gathering system that is invaluable to a Fleet Manager who would not be able to obtain the information any other way. GPS tracking provides real time, accurate information 24 hours a day. The GPS and vehicle tracking business is currently a £2 billion industry. K and M Acoustics are leaders in this rapidly growing business, and they have introduced this system in Wigan and  the surrounding areas.

The reason for this large number of sales is the many advantages of vehicle monitoring for businesses. The biggest expenditures that a business incurs are petrol and wage costs. A GPS system will record a driver who is driving too fast and taking longer and unplanned routes. These costly actions can be eliminated with GPS Vehicle Monitoring.

Another benefit is the elimination of the over-payment of wages, there is an accurate record of precisely where the drivers have been at all times and no chance for filing dishonest timesheets, as the truck manager tracks the drivers’ activities at all times. The savings potential is many pounds yearly. Customers can be informed quicker about delays, thus improving customer service and the company’s reputation.

Tracking of VehiclesAn important feature for the Truck Manager is the entire fleet that a business has on the road can be monitored anywhere that the fleet manager has a computer or a mobile internet connecting device 24 hours a day. The ease of getting real time information is fantastic. The GPS Tracking System cannot help but bring total honesty to the operation of all of the vehicles. Conflicts between the hours worked and the hours reported as worked by the drivers will be eliminated. Even the amount of time a driver uses to make a delivery or travelling time between deliveries is readily available. Another feature of the GPS System is the elimination of vehicle use that has not been authorised by the Wigan Depot.

The GPS Fleet System increases driver responsibility 24 hours a day, providing accurate job performance data. Customer complaints about when the driver arrived and how long they stayed are resolved quickly.

For more details contact Keith or Mike on: 01942 820174 at K and M Acoustics the leaders in providing this GPS System.