Bespoke GPS Tracking with Fuel Monitor and Fleet Control.

If you have the need for GPS Tracking either in your own vehicle, fleet of vehicles, a valuable asset such as a generator or need to track a person – our Bespoke Tracking Systems can do almost anything and still remain affordable.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

As Vehicle Technology Specialist’s we can offer more than just GPS Tracking, we offer remote control options which communicate information both to the tracking system and back to your computer or smart-phone in real time. This opens up a whole new world where technology can help save you money and put you fully in control.

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Our truly bespoke GPS Tracking Systems can offer many features which you may not know could be achieved at the same time as installing GPS Tracking.


Some features we can offer that go beyond normal GPS Tracking are:-

Bio Metric Driver Identification (Fingerprint Recognition)

Full Fleet Management including Vehicle Service Schedules.

Full Fleet Management.

Fuel Usage and Fuel Gauge in real time with Alerts.

Alert on Action, Activity, Usage of Function or Asset.

Data Download & Upload

Speed Control and Speed Limit Capping.

Job allocation Direct to Terminal / Navigation.

Photographic proofing.

2 way Audio communication.

CCTV with Audio

Remote Engine Start

Remote Immobilisation

Remote Door Lock & Un-Lock with status feedback.

Mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.

Track almost any mobile phone along with full tracking features.

GPS Satalite Tracking

GPS Satalite Tracking

If you need help with your Fleet Analysis there are features K and M Acoustics which really help you to asses each vehicle remotely right down to fuel usage per route. If you want to know which driver uses the most fuel on a particular route our system can tell you what the average fuel usage should be and compare it to what actually was used compared against each individual driver and vehicle.Communication with the Tracking System can be done online via a secure log on allowing full access from almost anywhere even your mobile phone whilst on the move.

Our bespoke systems can offer you exactly what you require even if it has not been done before; we thrive on introducing new features and services.

Prices are comparable to many tracking systems but what K and M Acoustics have to offer is unique.