Car Audio Chorley

If you live near Chorley and would like to improve your Car Audio system then give K and M Acoustics a call. Chorley Car Audio is just a short journey from K and M Acoustics in Wigan.

K and M Acoustics were established in 1994 offering specialist installations on all types of vehicles especially their favourite cars – VW and Audi.

Volkswagon LogoVolkswagen car audio is not that good, the standard speakers and equipment is not as bad as some cars but overall leaves plenty room for improvement. VW speakers are at their best when run by an amplifier making them play much louder and clearer than you would expect the standard VW speakers to play.

This is due to the pure sound quality being sent through the VW speakers by the amplifier, many Volkswagen owners in Chorley and Preston have not been able to believe the car audio improvements a good amplifier can make. The only part of the music which is missing at this point is bass which is easily rectified by adding a subwoofer to give the VW car audio the sound quality it needs.

There are many VW car audio speakers which fit the likes of T5, T4, R32 and Golf R. The secret to great car audio sound quality is matching the acoustics of the vehicle to the type of music you enjoy. If you listen to classical music there are speakers which can reproduce music so well it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If you listen to dance music K and M Acoustics can transport you into your own night club with better sound quality. Remember the acoustic effects of the vehicle will make a difference so the same car audio system and will sound different in a VW Golf compared to a VW Transporter. As it would a BMW mini.

VW CamperMany K and M customers travel the short journey from Chorley and Preston because they want real experts working on their car audio systems. Often it is something simple like an i-Pod or i-Phone connection they require or a Bluetooth Hands Free Kit. Chorley car audio enthusiasts know the best and most reputable place to take their car for upgrading the standard equipment is K and M Acoustics, give them a call and see what they can offer you on: 01942 820174.