Classic VW Audio, Accessories and Security Installation

VW Camper VanIf you have a classic VW with audio problems or are struggling with installation of accessories such as Security, Tracker, Speakers, Amplifiers, bass boxes, custom built under the bunk bed of course, roof screen, DVD player, i-pod connection then have a chat to the VW experts at K and M Acoustics.

Established in 1993 K and M Acoustics are based in Wigan and are easily accessible from all over the Northwest with customers travelling the short distance from Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington and Preston. K and M have become experts in installation of car audio and accessories within classic VW vehicles especially the classic VW Camper, Polo, Golf, Corrado, Scirocco and Passat.

As most VW Campers vary so much and with each often having its own unique interior and accessories there is no “one fits all solution” to the VW car audio upgrade and each is as individual as the VW they install them into; sound quality is their number one priority.

K and M prefer to take a look at your Classic VW and discuss all options to consider where improvements can be made without detracting from the originality of your classic VW. Should you want the best sound quality in your camper we can do this and keep everything looking factory and original. If the loudest camper in Europeis more what you are looking for K and M Acoustics custom installation can make that happen too.

Many VW Campers have been stolen and it has become apparent the best security system for campers has to be a bit specialised. It’s quite easy to install a Tracker but a vehicle tracking system is not always the best option. Here at K and M Acoustics we offer a system that not only lets you track your camper or classic VW but immobilise it by remote control, stopping the theft by a simple text. It is possible to activate other accessories like loud sirens to draw attention and again offer the best security.

VW CamperDuring the last few years K and M Acoustics have helped many VW camper owners repair and restore their classic VW’s often repairing wiring harnesses and rewiring electrics to better than new standards. Split charging systems and solar panels are a necessity when parking “off grid”

For a little extra luxury, it is nice to have a roof screen and D.V.D player which can be watched on long journeys by passengers as well as on site. It is not uncommon to install T.V tuners, Playstation3 and X box’s to complete the A.V system.

Should you need any help or advice call K and M Acoustics on 01942 820174 and they will happily help all they can.