Clifford Car Alarm Fault Repair, Installation, Help and Advice.

If you have a Clifford Car Alarm and it needs repair, you need help or advice with a Clifford fault or need installation then give the experts at K and M Acoustics a call.

Faulty Clifford Car Alarm Repairs with Spare parts.Due to Clifford Security Systems requiring expert installation it is not uncommon for problems to occur if not fitted well. This can reflect badly on the Clifford car alarm brand itself when the problem in most cases is the install not the product that is at fault.

K and M Acoustics are proud specialist installers of Clifford Alarms since 1993. Knowledge of the product inside out and understanding of what can cause problems with any car alarm system is only possible with experience – and K and M have this by the bucket load.

Sometimes people bring their car, van, motor home or camper to K and M Acoustics convinced the Clifford Car Alarm is broken. After inspection, they are often pleased to discover that a new system is not necessary as spare parts are available to fully repair their old system.

K and M Acoustics offer full Clifford Car Alarm servicing along with full instructions on how to use and get the most from the car security system you have. Should you have a car you really care about, it makes sense to install the best car alarm security system and without doubt Clifford Car Alarms are the best.

For more information on the Clifford Car Alarms and features give K and M Acoustics a call on 01942 820174.

Prices are reasonable, and even the entry level car alarm by Clifford has plenty features and still lets you upgrade to remote engine start and window closure.

Clifford remoteThe Clifford Intellistart is a great feature allowing you to remotely start your car’s engine and warm up your car while leaving it locked and secure – no need to scrape ice and you get into a nice warm car on a frosty morning. The operating range on Clifford Car Alarm remote controls is very good, usually if you can see your car, the remote control will work.

If you want to further improve the distance the Clifford remote control works then invest in the Clifford Callguard System. The Clifford Callguard lets you control the Car Alarm, Intellistart or any other feature from your mobile phone via SMS text.

With Callguardinstalled you will be informed of car alarm activations directly to your phone by text message, allowing you to respond accordingly.

There is a short video on the Callguard system below.