Four Masters K And M Acoustics Of Wigan

Four Masters K and M Acoustics of Wigan was invited to the Four Masters car audio annual meeting in the midlands a few years ago, this is where K and M Acoustics Mike and Keith got the chance to meet lots of other great car audio and security experts.


The Four Masters group was set up to provide a very well known Group of high end independent Car Audio specialists mainly so that they can work together to create a national network of specialists.

If you want to see some of the High end work that K and M Acoustics have done over the past 20 years in the car audio industry click GALLERY at the top of the page. Or if you want to find out more about K and M Acoustics then click HOME or ABOUT at the top of the page.

One of the main reasons for using a Four Masters installer is that you get a 3 Year national warranty on both product and installation. Moving house? Your warranty moves to your new local FOUR MASTER installer.

All the Four Masters car audio dealers have demo cars and shops with car audio products on display so that you can have an actual listen to the sound quality instead of just look in a brochure or a web page. K and M have two main demo vehicles one is the world famous K and M Van that has 12 18″ Sub woofers along with 20 speakers for music, this is a very LOUD and very CLEAR!! . We also have a VW Passat, this is more on the sound quality side of the spectrum with CDT speakers in the front and rear then with two Planet Audio BB10 sub woofers for the bass this demo car has a nice crisp sound, the boot of the Passat is all set out ready for shows in a dark blue paint finish the same as the cars body work colour and the K and M Acoustics company colours, to see pictures of the Passat just click the words and for more information on the Passat just click the same words.

   More importantly than looking at the pictures and reading about the demo cars you can actually come down to K and M Acoustics and listen to them for real!!

If you think your particular needs with your car audio system may take longer than normal to discuss and organise we do offer a one to one consultation, but you do need to book this in advance with Mike or Keith. To book your car audio consultation give us a ring on 01942 820174. Click CONTACT at the top of the page to look at the map. If you are not local to K and M Acoustics then still give us a call and we can direct you to your most local Four Masters dealer