In Car Wi-Fi

Have ever thought it would be handy to have Wi-Fi in your car? you’re not alone. Most people like the idea of being connected to the internet when out and about. Having Wi-Fi in your car is needed more than ever, especially on long journeys with the family. Wi-Fi capability is built into many devices you would take on your car journey.

car sky2From Apple i-Pad and Android Tablets to Nintendo DS, they all require Wi-Fi to work properly. There are more benefits to having Wi-Fi in your car than you first think. One benefit you may not have thought about is vehicle CCTV and security. With reliable Wi-Fi it is possible for you to be alerted when somebody gets too close or enters your car. It is even possible to watch the cameras in real time.

There are options to integrate the in car Wi-Fi capabilities with your entertainment system such as headrest screens or roof monitors. Our latest innovation allows control of your Sky, BT or Virgin Media box from the comfort of your car.You can change channel and even watch your recordings with full control of the services you have at home without additional subscriptions.

Apple TV and Android Media players offer great features such as Netflix, XBMC and live TV streaming and can be added to our mobile broadband modems. Our Virtu-Bond modems allow direct connections through Ethernet ports as well as Wi-Fi so any products that are not Wi-Fi compliant can still be connected in your car to the internet.

apple_tvTo keep costs down we have developed a feature where other Wi-Fi connections which may be free can be put to use. If your car is near a known Wi-Fi “hot spot” then that can be used as the main service for your modem to work, effectively distributing it again on your own network. This is ideal for cars motor homes and campers as Wi-Fi is often available free in nearby cafes etc.

Our Virtu-Bond modems can use mobile data from a variety of sources from free Wi-Fi hotspots, Mobile Phone tethering, USB modems, and Ethernet WAN. We can set a priority to use the cheapest data first when available and switching to USB modem data when necessary. There are options to have several internet services working at the same time should you want an enterprise level solution to your mobile broadband needs.

For further information on the latest technology feel free to call K&M on: 01942 820174.