Internet On The Move in Greater Manchester

Equipment options and installation services that can allow you to make use of mobile internet in car wificoaches, buses and any vehicle can do a great deal to ensure passengers enjoy a more convenient travel experience. K and M Acoustics provide a full range of on-board electronics as well as VPN and IPsec installation and configuration services to meet a variety of needs. With the same security technology used by banks, making use of a more secure and convenient way to stay connected on the go has never been easier.

Greater Manchester’s premier supplier of car audio and navigation systems, K and M Acoustics, can provide owners with an easier way to enjoy mobile internet in coaches, buses and any vehicle that may be unable to provide a safe and convenient mobile network for passengers to enjoy. The greater security that can only be found in equipment that makes use of the same technology used by banks, as well as the professional installation required to upgrade your on-board electronics, are never issues that should be taken lightly. Dealing with the right service provider, K and M Acoustics will ensure that your purchase is able to provide you with the greater value and level of satisfaction you have been seeking.

bus wifiA mobile VPN that allows passengers to link their laptops and wireless devices easier and conveniently will ensure that they can more stay in touch when on the go. The perfect addition to buses, vans and charter vehicles, the many benefits of mobile Internet and networking options would be well worth considering for fleet vehicles as well. Doing business with Manchester’s mobile Internet specialists, K and M Acoustics will provide you with a range of equipment and installation solutions that cover everything from wireless security to IPsec configuration.

When it comes to mobile Internet in coaches, the greater value and selection that is only available through Manchester’s installation specialists is not something to be taken lightly. Ensuring that your equipment investment is able to effectively meet the needs of your users may not always be possible for customers who have elected to make use of lesser retailers. With the installation, equipment and other services that K and M Acoustics has to offer, enjoying secure access to the Internet while on the go has never been easier to do.

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