Motor-home CCTV system using Wi-Fi.

If you drive a Motor home and like the idea of protecting your investment along with your belongings while you are away from them you may have considered having CCTV installed. The biggest problem with most vehicle CCTV systems is they are not really designed for use on motor homes or offer the features you require while you’re away.

Many motor homes are parked up and not used sometimes for months, so again CCTV makes sense especially during the remote cctvtimes it’s unattended. Many benefit from a reverse camera to help with parking and manoeuvring – our system offers this but records all the cameras at the same time. A monitor can show the driver the different views to help with parking in a tight spot. Our forward facing camera is used for accident witness purposes as well as security when parked up so really does provide all the information you could need. A feature many people enjoy with their home or work CCTV system is the ability to view cameras remotely either on a computer, i-Pad or Smart-Phone.

Up until now the mobile nature of motor homes meant you could not have the remote view facility due to no phone line or internet connection to allow access to the cameras.

K&M have developed a system to provide “proper” CCTV in your motor home with the ability to e-mail or text you should an intruder access or even just get too close to your vehicle. You can also look through the cameras in real time and even view the recordings remotely from anywhere using your computer, i-pad or even your smart phone.

Our CCTV system records onto a proper hard drive, rather than SD card and provides months of recording time safely and securely. It can record audio as well as video to gather all the information you could need. Our outdoor cameras are very neat and provide crystal clear views even at night as they use high sensitivity processors and infra-red illumination.

Our system is unique as it allows a mixture of cameras and resolutions up to full HD 1080p. Interior cameras provide what motorhome cctvis needed for detecting a break in as movement should not occur in the middle of the night or during scheduled activation times. The powerful scheduling lets you choose when the cameras are on, off or “motion detecting”. For us to provide the internet for the camera system we need to install a modem which can also provide you with wi-fi to use as you please. The modem and Wi-Fi is secured with your own password to keep your network private and has Ethernet connections for your devices that need a wired internet connection.

To help you keep the cost of internet data to a minimum, our modem can utilise another available Wi-Fi signal which may be free such as a coffee shop or site café. There is a facility to make use of your phone’s mobile data which you may have as part of your phone contract. Only when Wi-Fi is not available does it use the mobile internet service which we have available from £15 / month using the very latest super-fast 4G / LTE networks.

If you already have a CCTV system with a monitor showing the status of your home or business all the time we can add in the extra camera feeds to that too.

Here are some features our systems can offer:-

  • 8 cameras and 2 audio feeds
  • Up to 1080P resolution.
  • Reverse Camera that helps with manoeuvring while it records.
  • Up to 2TB of storage
  • Schedule your recordings by day/date and time and motion detection.
  • Full Internet Control, Live Views and Playback from almost anywhere.
  • Bespoke camera applications – Infra red, Thermal imaging etc.
  • Vehicle tracking and geo-fencing (alerts if leaves or enters a marked area on Google maps)
  • E-mail/text on movement or alarm condition.
  • Fast and convenient mobile broadband networking and Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed IP address using 4G mobile broadband (Assigned by K&M)
  • Access your home network/computers from anywhere with an additional modem.
  • Modular design allowing you to upgrade to more features if you need them.

For more details about our mobile entertainment systems using the latest internet media streaming to provide services like full SKY HD and BT-Sports, Netflix etc contact a member of the team at K and M on: 01942 820174.