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Parking Sensors Chorley. Skills might not have anything to do with how well your next parking manoeuvres turn out, circumstances make a big difference too. Sometimes, we fail to see obstacles no matter how hard we search, but fortunately, the parking sensors Chorley drivers find at K and M Acoustics let them move their cars at will without suffering any unsightly bumps.

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K And M Acoustics in Wigan can fit parking sensors to any car, for more information contact Mike or Keith on 01942 820174.

Protecting your bumper from scuffs and scratches is hard, but parking hardware effectively increases the range of your senses. Here are some of the basics.

Parking proximity sensors detect the presence of imminent objects and prepare drivers with advance notice so that they can stop their vehicles before collisions actually occur. At best, this amazing feat is accomplished using ultrasonic range finding hardware that lets your vehicle know when it’s nearing another car, a post box, a high curb or any other obstacle. While electromagnetic range detectors also exist, they are not as accurate as the ultrasonic variety sold at K and M Acoustics in Wigan.

How is the driver alerted? Well, you have plenty of options, especially if you visit K and M Acoustics. We sell detectors that notify you using a simple audible tone played over the speaker system in your car, but there are also more advanced systems. You can even opt for a screen-enabled proximity detector that shows you a visual image of the nearest obstacle as you’re closing in. These indicators make it nearly impossible to back into something and accompanying numerical distance displays also provide you with a concrete idea of just how much leeway you have.

While many new cars manufactured feature parking sensors, they’re relatively recent technological devices that don’t always come included. Fortunately, all our staff  are experts at creating cosmetically appealing modifications that appear factory-made. We know you’re proud of your car and that you’d never want to make it look bad. We’re proud of our work, so we’re just as concerned.

You can count on K and M Acoustics to deliver parking sensors Chorley drivers can easily get accustomed to, but we also ensure that your vehicle appearance doesn’t suffer as a result. Learn more by visiting our shop in Wigan or browsing through our online catalogue.

K and M Acoustics in Wigan can fit parking sensors to any car, for more information contact Mike or Keith on 01942 820174.