Porsche CAT5 Insurance Approved Tracking System

Luxury CarPorsche owners who are seeking a more effective way to protect their vehicle from being stolen will be happy to discover the many potential benefits that an insurance approved CAT5 tracking system can offer. Unlike a conventional alarm system that only serves as a deterrent, GPS location devices can provide law enforcement with the information needed to make a speedier and more successful recovery. Owner’s who have their vehicles returned to them, sometimes only hours after activation of their device, will be far more likely to address a theft in a more successful manner.

Learning more about the features and benefits that a CAT5 device has to offer will ensure that Porsche owners do not overlook such options in their efforts to secure their vehicle more effectively. K and M Acoustics are approved installers of the CAT5 product which in many cases has been found to save costs on insurance. Doing all you can to protect against the threat of vehicle theft could prove to be a difficult undertaking for those without access to the best tools and resources. GPS location can provide you with the means to ensure a successful recovery should you become the victim of a theft.

Thatcham Insurance Approved Tracking SystemThe relatively small cost of a CAT5 system can provide a cost-effective way to protect the larger investment you have made in your Porsche. The addition of an insurance approved tracking device to your on-board electronics and anti-theft resources allows you to enjoy the greatest level of security possible and should not be an option that owners otherwise overlook. Investing in a device that will be able to assist law enforcement with real time location information is not an opportunity that you can afford to miss out on.

Professional installation of a CAT5 system will ensure that tracking your Porsche can be done with far greater ease and success, increasing the chances that police and law enforcement professionals will be able to recover it before it suffers further harm. Failing to make use of the resources and options that will be able to provide you with a superior security solution may find you unable to respond to a theft effectively. Protecting your investment and your vehicle by making use of more sophisticated security solutions can allow owners to enjoy a speedier and more successful recovery effort.

For more details on the supply and fitting of the CAT5 contact Keith or Mike at K and M Acoustics on: 01942 820174.