Track A Car

There are many reasons you may want to track a car, the most obvious being for protection against theft.

You may remember “Tracker” being the most well known tracking system to track  just about anything. The original tracker used radio waves to locate and track a car – the police had vehicles with 4 antennas on the roof to receive the radio waves and using diversity technology they could know which direction to head. This type of system is out of date now and few police cars are fitted with the receivers to find the old Trackers.

Track a car, van, mini digger, plant, machinery or child or elderly person.The modern way to track a car is using G.P.S – Global Positioning System. The modern tracking systems store the place it is now and where it has been then upload the information using mobile phone technology to a computer or server allowing you to track a car, along with speed and distance etc. This means the exact location of the car being tracked can be accessed and monitored from any computer or even mobile phone.

One of the easiest ways to track a car is to buy one of our small GPS tracking units, these cost around £200 and can be set up to send you a text with a link to a map showing exactly where the small GPS tracker location is. The ongoing costs are low as you only need to pay for the texts it sends, a pay as you go sim is fine if you only need a basic way to track a vehicle, known as track on demand.

For more detailed information where you can see a snail trail of the tracked car on a map along with speed and where the car started and stopped and allow you to search history can be done by subscribing to a data package which is around £13 per month.

This effectively puts a direct connection between your cars tracker and the internet. Having two-way communication lets you do a whole lot more than track a car, it puts you in control of what is going on with your car in your absence.

For business purposes this really streamlines the transportation and pays for itself very quickly not only in saved fuel but saved man hours as all business people will know wages and vehicles are often the biggest costs year upon year.

On a personal level: How about you take your car for a service or MOT but think they may take your pride and joy for a quick spin down the dual carriageway? With our tracking system you can easily set a speed limit which can alert you by e-mail text or even automatically put the vehicle into limp home mode! All history is saved for future reference and can be viewed from your smart phone and printed if needed in a report format along with speed data.

You don’t need to use our small GPS tracker to track a car, it can be used on its own internal battery to track a person or child either to keep tabs on what they are up to or more commonly to allow them to call for help as there is a S.O.S button to press if they are in trouble.

Personal Tracker can be used to Track a Car, Van, Person or anything important to you.Elderly people often enjoy having their own independence but may need help if they overstretch themselves and get into trouble be it in the home or when they are out.

The small GPS tracking system sends messages along with location to several people at once, the message then links to Google maps when selected clearly showing their location.

For more information on how to track a car or anything else then give K And M Acoustics a call on: 01942 820174.