Tracking Devices

Sometimes in our life we have something valuable that money itself can’t replace.

It is when that something is put in jeopardy we realise just how painful it would be to loose it and what life would be like without it.

To be safe why not consider one of K and M Acoustics tracking devices, that way if your valued possession did get lost or stolen, you can find it again very quickly and safely.

Here is an example for using a tracking device and how it could work.

Track a car, van, mini digger, plant, machinery or child or elderly person.

Personal Tracker

A family member has to travel somewhere; you want to know they are safe but don’t want to keep phoning them especially if they are driving. With our tracking device, you can see easily where they are either from a computer or using your smart phone. Alerts can be set to inform you of safe arrival or when the tracking device goes into a certain place you should know about.

It is even possible to phone the tracking device which will answer your call silently, switch on its internal microphone and give you crystal clear audio of what is going on nearby. You could consider this as a spy tracker if you were to use it to listen to conversations but that would be your prerogative!

K and M Acoustics, Wigan offer a wide range of tracking devices, some small and portable running entirely on their own battery whilst others are designed to be installed on cars, vans, HGV, trucks and trailers.

The personal tracking devices are ideal for children, the elderly or disabled as we can configure an SOS button to call for help and send location information directly to Google maps. This is sent directly to a parent, guardian or carer’s phone giving them the necessary information to provide help and assistance. Having help at the push of a button gives users great peace of mind knowing they will get the help they need should they need it whilst having the independence to go about their day freely.

Commercial Vehicle CCTV systemsOn a more advanced commercial level our personal tracking devices can be added to a Fleet Tracking System allowing all vehicles, personnel, assets and loan workers to be tracked from one secure log in, all the information that could ever be needed is in one place allowing efficient job allocation and working hours to be monitored and invoiced correctly. It is no secret that streamlining and taking control of a fleet vehicles saves money and time which is why tracking is used by most commercial vehicle operators. With the addition of temperature control modules we can help automate temperature control regulations and compliance procedures. This allows refrigerated vehicle operators to remotely view not just where their vehicles are or have been but the temperature too. Reports can be generated easily, then printed, e-mailed or exported to other fleet management programs.

For more information regarding tracking devices give K and M Acoustics a call on 01942 820174.