Van Tracking in Liverpool

Tracking of VehiclesLiverpool is one of the busiest cities in locally to date. There are a lot of thoroughfares where traffic can be pretty heavy as well as criminals who may have some special interest over your vehicle.

You will therefore need equipment that will not only serve a tracker but also a hijacking prevention system. FleetDirector, the latest tracking system can be supplied and fitted by expert technicians, K & M Acoustics, located merely 30 minutes away from you.

For more details on tracking and other products contact K and M Acoustics on: 01942 820174.

When you buy the GPS Fleet Management System, you can also enjoy the following:

Installation from the Experts: If you want to make sure that the van tracking device will really work, you must leave it to the experts. K & M Acoustics, established in 1993 has worked with various many fleet management programs. What’s more, they can educate you further on how you can fully utilise your van tracking system in and around Liverpool.

Fleet Tracking SystemReduction of Costs: There are a number of ways on how you can minimise the costs your business spends. For one, you do not have to ship the equipment, which will actually cost you more than the 30 minute drive. There are no hidden charges to pay for. Furthermore, the software allows for live traffic information. This way, you can determine the best possible routes to take to avoid idle times. You can even determine the most ideal passageways toward your clients’ shops.

Improved Productivity:You can also use the system as a staff tracking device. If your driver has met an emergency or sends you an alert, the notifications will be sent into your e-mail, so you can still read them even when you are in the road.

You can effectively keep track on the movements of your drivers, thanks to the GPS function attached to it, making use of 24-hour history playback to see the routes taken by each of your drivers, as well as the Status Age tab to see how long they have stayed in one particular location.