Vehicle CCTV Systems Suitable for Coaches and Buses.

When considering a mobile CCTV camera system for your coaches and buses it is really important that the CCTV recordings actually capture all the footage you need in a secure method along with data such as speed, GPS position, direction and audio.

Camera Accident RecorderMore importantly now than ever before to have CCTV cameras installed on your coaches and buses. People are bombarded with messages that it is normal to make a claim for any type of injury on a no win no fee basis. When times are hard the likelihood of fraudulent insurance claims goes up and quite often without evidence to prove otherwise these fraudulent claims get paid out followed by painful premium increases.

We have been working with Insurance Companies who are now willing to offer discounts based on the right type of vehicle CCTV being installed on coaches or buses. When insurance claims do occur it shows the event in its true light; a very minor collision is just that – minor, so there should be no major injury claims.

If your present insurer is not willing to help you then give us a call on: 01942 820174 and we will put you in touch with people who fully understand and can help.

With the right CCTV camera system installed on your vehicles, all important events are recorded and stored along with GPS position, speed, direction and even audio.

We offer a few vehicle CCTV recorders known as Digital Video Recorderswhich offer a choice of features from just basic CCTV recording right through to remote viewing via the internet. Some vehicle DVR’s have enough channels to record outside the bus or coach giving nearly 360 degrees of visibility, so a collision at the side is recorded along with what happened before the event, after the event inside and out.

In CAR CCTVThere are many types of CCTV cameras, some are suitable for vehicles such as coaches and buses and some are not. It is important that the vehicle CCTV camera has adjustable focal length allowing it to be finely adjusted optimising the image captured. This will ensure correct coverage of a specific area. Many cameras we supply and install are classed as vandal proof but are still aesthetically pleasing with a choice of finishes to match or blend with the Coaches interior. We offer covert CCTV cameras also which are completely hidden giving all the surveillance needed in a way where nobody would know they are being watched.

Here at K and M Acoustics, we can help and advise the best CCTV solution for your needs and budgets along with a guaranteed expert installation service.

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