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You’re going to love parking!

AND You’re vehicle’s guardian angel!

beep&park® is a parking assistance system that simplifies reversing manoeuvres by alerting the driver to the presence of obstacles to the front or rear of the vehicle.

With full colour coding available at no extra charge on all four sensors and with full installation included in the price this is the highest quality fully fitted kit on the market.We do the installation at our workshop in Wigan’s reversing kit center.

Display For Parking Sensors

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beep&park®/keeper™ is a front and rear parking assistance system with an anti-bump alert to protect your vehicle against the all too often clumsy parking manoeuvres of other motorists in a hurry.

When parking, the sensors detect all obstacles at the front and rear of the vehicle and indicate their distance from the bumper. The system features audible and visual warnings.

You can leave your parked vehicle without worry, thanks to the anti-bump functionality. The system detects vehicles that come too close to your car and gives off visual and audible signals to encourage drivers to pay extra attention when manoeuvring. The warnings give the impression that the owner of the parked vehicle is nearby and has opened the vehicle using a remote control.

– Reduces risks of collision and associated high repair costs.
– Prevents impacts, material damages and injury.
– Protects your vehicle from other vehicles coming too close, thanks to a very effective deterrent.

– Quicker and easier parking manoeuvres.
– Peace of mind: you can leave your vehicle without worrying, the system looks after your car while you are away.
– Equips your vehicle with a totally innovative solution.

This Beep & Park and Keeper Valeo park and protect system is fully fitted and colour coded.The colour coding and the installation are carried out at our workshop in Wigan, see the address below. Or click here to see the map, Seven Stars Road Wigan.

Please ring Mike, Keith or any of the team for more information about all the parking aids that we supply and install on 01942 820174.