Phone Kits Chorley

Phone Kits Chorley .How do you make calls while you’re on the go? If you’re smart you do it as safely as possible, and that means investing in a phone kit. The phone kits Chorley drivers buy from K and M Acoustics don’t cost too much, so anyone can make calls without risking any accidents.



For more information on phone kits in Chorley contact Mike, Keith or any of the team at K and M acoustics in Wigan on 01942 820174.

The best way to use a phone kit safely is to find a version that lets you operate it hands-free. One should never take their eyes off the road for even a second, because huge accidents can happen in less time than it takes to press a button. This is why our phone kits activate automatically without even needing to be plugged in.

We make it easy to operate your phone while you drive. Our phone kit mounts default settings prompt your device to display the contacts list, so your friends and family remain close at hand. They’re also great for businesses. It’s simple to switch which phone is enabled to connect with the kit in case your passengers need to make calls as well. Finally, the joy of hearing extremely clear sound routed through your existing speakers will leave you wishing you never had to take a call outside of your car again.

Your mobile will easily integrate with your Bluetooth phone kit’s head unit, but so will your Ipod. Enjoying yourself in the car is just as important as chatting with your family, which is why our devices facilitate both. Of course, you only need a single Parrot head unit to interface with multiple devices, and as with all our phone kits, no additional wiring or hole drilling is required for a clean install.

You can access a bunch of other great applications with a unit from K and M Acoustics. ANDROID operating systems let you look up point-of-interest information on the internet, stream music and even use your device as a GPS. Additionally, steering wheel remote control means that even if you do decide to perform more advanced navigation functions like scrolling through listings, you’ll never have to take your hands off the wheel. There’s a huge selection of the phone kits Chorley drivers love most right here in our Wigan shop, so visit K and M Acoustics and pick yours out soon.

For more information on phone kits in Chorley contact Mike,Keith or any of the team at K and M acoustics in Wigan on 01942 820174.