Bass Box In Manchester

Turn Up Your BMW’s Volume at K and M Acoustics!
When shopping in Manchester’s busy town centre and your ears are caught by the addictive throb of loud bass with impeccable sound quality coming from the open windows of a BMW, it’s guaranteed that the source of the sound will be coming from a car fitted by K and M Acoustics. For the ultimate bass box in Manchester, look no further than these experienced and professional bass box specialists with special focus on the BMW BMW Rear Speakers Upgrade With Component Kitrange of cars. Don’t trust any other dealership with installing custom car audio rigs. Whether you’re cruising the city streets in a custom built BMW sport couple or going on a camping trip with friends in a slick estate; you need your surroundings to throb with a loud bass beat perfectly transmitted through the highest quality car audio equipment.

For more information on sound quality give Keith or Mike a call on: 01942 820174 or visit the store at Seven Stars Rd, Wigan, Greater Manchester.

In-car speakers are often low in sound quality and can be off-balance. This is aggravating to the music connoisseur, who appreciates the subtle differences between loud bass and treble. For a professionally installed bass box in Manchester, look no further than K and M Acoustics. We have engineers with years of concentrated experience on BMW motors, who are also bass box specialists with a passion for sound quality and custom car audio set-ups. We dedicate our lives to producing the purest and most faithful sound from our speaker set-ups, believing that our customers deserve the same quality sound from their car as they would from their home audio equipment.

Conveniently based in a location easily accessible from the city centre, we truly believe that we are the number one bass box specialists inBMW Car Audio Upgrade, Tweeters Installed Cut into door Manchester.
No other bass box in Manchester could be installed with the loving precision and care that our skilled engineers use to fit your custom set-up. We check every wire, fixture and fitting before releasing the finished product, as we accept no less than perfection. A BMW is a luxury car for the modern man or woman who is not willing to compromise on style or substance. Why accept an inferior sound system for the car of your dreams? Our multitude of satisfied customers will testify that there is no better location to purchase your bass box system than from K and M Acoustics.