Best Car Audio in Preston and Blackpool.

If you live in the Preston and Blackpool area and want the very best car audio then take a look at K and M Acoustics. Just a short drive can get you to the showroom of the best car audio specialists in the North   West.

Luxury CarBased in Wigan K and M Acoustics have a reputation for the best sound quality car audio systems and making people happy since 1993. You may have already heard about K&M due to their Guinness World Record holding van which plays over 11,000 watts of pure music power. With custom made  loudest bass boxes all designed to play loud and give sound quality, car audio has never sounded better. As a true testament to their skills and reliability the equipment is the exact same equipment installed way back in 1996 and still going strong.

If you have any questions on how we can help make your vehicle sound great and save money, give the experts at K and M a call on 01942 820174.

It’s not all about big car audio amplifiers, custom bass boxes and subwoofers though; K and M Acoustics can provide the very best in sound quality and installation to make your vehicle play all the subtle detail you probably have never heard before in your music. It is surprising just how much of your music is missing when playing through standard car audio equipment.

BMW 3  series Many prestigious cars such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin have very poor sound quality. K and M Acoustics can advise the best car audio for your tastes in music and be aware the car needs to remain standard looking but with all the enjoyment of great car audio.

As real car audio specialists K and M Acoustics attract customers from all over the UK including Preston, Blackpool, Manchester, Warrington and Liverpool with very fair prices and quite often offering free installation on amplifiers and car audio head units supplied and installed by K and M. Their fitting prices are very competitive too. For example: a radio fit is often only £34.50. The best value for money are the car audio packages offered which include Alpine car stereo with i-pod control, component speakers (mids and tweeters) a high quality amplifier which is best for the money with a computer designed custom bass box and subwoofer all for less than £799 with expert installation which is offered for free.