BMW Bass Box And Subwoofer

BMW’s are top of the range luxury vehicles. Anyone who drives a BMW vehicle is making a statement about who they are and what lifestyle they lead. A BMW driver demands the finest quality, the highest manufacturing standards and top of the range fittings. They care about the image they portray to others. That’s why these drivers with the highest standards choose K and M Acoustics for their car audio needs in Manchester. As any discerning driver will inform you, drivers of these high quality vehicles should not be willing to compromise on sound quality.

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As many BMW drivers have realised the standard car audio equipment does not match the quality of the car and this is a great disappointment. However, the good news is there is a specialist called K and M Acoustics in Wigan which is only a 25 minute drive from Manchester who have all the skills, knowledge and suitable equipment to give you the live performance along with sharp, crystal clear nuances your BMW car audio should offer.

K and M Acoustics’s renowned legacy in vehicle audio systems is legendary in this northern city. Whether you’re looking for a custom built bass box, a subwoofer or a complete audio system. At K and M you will feel reassured that you’ve made the right choice. The extensive range covers every kind of possible car audio product, from amplifiers – the heart of the car audio system, to subwoofers in a variety of sizes. K and M also offer a selection of different varieties of custom bass box, designed to enclose your subwoofer and produce maximum volume with maximum quality. K and M also stock a multitude of accessories for your custom bass box and audio system; from cables to cater for every need, to audio control electronics. Whether you want to play your CD collection, tune in to your digital radio or plug in your iPod or MP3 player, come visit us at our car audio showroom near Manchester to browse and witness our extensive collection.

Today, car drivers are demanding the highest quality when it comes to their audio systems,  wanting to place their own individual stamp upon their purchase. This is truly the age of customisation. K and M Acoustics are one of the only audio specialists who produce their own handcrafted bass boxes, designed and created by our expert fitters to cater to your exact requirements. They also offer a range of specialised finishes and guarantee to produce the highest standard of production – so come find us the next time you are near Manchester.