BMW Digital TV Upgrade

In Car Digital TVK and M Acoustics are specialists in BMW car audio, video and digital TV upgrade packages and have been trusted to carefully install all types of in car technology for our customers based in Manchester, Warrington, Bolton, Southport, Blackpool in fact all over the Northwest since 1993.

Many BMW owners have found the TV feature no longer works due to having the old analogue tuner installed from the factory. As you know TV is now transmitted digitally so most BMW cars which were built before 2006 now can’t play live TV and need to upgrade to digital TV. There are a few ways we can upgrade your BMW to Digital TV, these are:

• Dedicated digital TV upgrade unit. This works with BMW controls as if factory installed. This unit offers extra inputs and outputs with reverse camera input should you wish to add a BMW reverse camera.

• Alpine DVB-T Tuner connected to simply add digital TV.

• Replace the standard screen / sat-nav with a new better and more modern touch screen sat-nav with all the modern technology including Digital TV, DVD, Bluetooth Hands Free and i-Pod and i-Phone compatibility even i-Pod video. Prices for the Alpine Digital TV upgrade box start around £275, the antennas £75 and the AV parts £90. The dedicated digital TV tuner package is around twice that. All expertly installed in our fully equipped workshop in Wigan – just a short drive from Manchester, Warrington, Bolton, Southport or Blackpool.

All Digital Video Broadcasting Tuners need antennas to function and are discreetly installed to the inside glass. There are two digital antennas to install; we have found they work best at opposite sides of the BMW such as front windscreen and rear screen, or either side of the car – usually on the quarter lights at the rear of the car. The dedicated digital TV can only be installed if you have a touch screen system installed by BMW and is fully controlled by all the standard controls.

BMW Sat nav screen with Digital TVThe Alpine Digital TV tuner is installed by introducing the picture and sound via an auxiliary input interface, allowing the standard BMW screen to take AV information. All the TV functions are then controlled by a small infra red remote control. The best option is to completely replace the standard navigation for a modern touch screen multimedia unit which really brings the BMW up to date. Many BMW owners don’t even know it is possible to replace their standard screen as it looks built in and part of the car. Although not a simple job the end result is worth the effort, the new system gives touch screen control of a very precise sat-nav system which warns of speed cameras as well as avoiding traffic jams. Reverse camera input for safer manoeuvring, DVD player for the long journeys, USB music and Video allowing movies and music to be stored without the risk of scratching discs. Full i-Phone & i-Pod control – charges, plays music and movies from i-tunes library along with internet radio.

The extra benefit is all the equipment can be removed when you change vehicle, our prices are very reasonable for removal and re installation which saves you money in the long run.

If you had considered rear entertainment this can be integrated with the front screen to allow digital TV to be played on all screens as well as DVD / USB movies giving the ultimate in choice on each screen installed.

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