Insignia Hands Free Phone Kit

Vauxhall Insignia Bluetooth Hands Free KitMany drivers of the Vauxhall Insignia have been disappointed to find their car is not equipped with the Insignia Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone Kit option. Even though the buttons are there for the factory Insignia Hands-Free Phone Kit most have not had the option installed and so the buttons don’t actually do anything.

As frustrating as that is, K and M Acoustics can offer a few solutions which can either enable the standard system or offer a really good and much less expensive alternative, either way K and M Acoustics can help you have Hands-Free in your Vauxhall Insignia.

The factory fitted Insignia Hands-Free Kit option is the most expensive as it not only requires many parts, but also needs to be programmed to the vehicle which involves even more costs and cannot be re used in your next vehicle like our other options so therefore really isn’t the logical choice when you consider all the factors.

The best option is to have an aftermarket Hands-Free Kit, this can be installed to give you Bluetooth Hands-Free in the Insignia plus there are options to play music from your phone, i-Pod, USB or SD card.

Using Bluetooth audio streaming can come in handy if you use your Smartphone as navigation. Not only can the Bluetooth stream music, it can give directions from your phones sat-nav through the Insignia car speakers giving clear directions to your destination.

The standard buttons on the Insignia steering wheel can be connected via an optional interface; this gives control over the phone kit while retaining all the standard Vauxhall features.

Vauxhall Insignia Bluetooth Hands Free Phone KitMany Insignia drivers prefer to have no visible hands free phone kit on show so we often install the display behind the ash tray flap (non smokers) This gives a very tidy appearance when the flap is closed and completely hides the display when not in use. There are features in our Insignia Phone Kits allowing you to make and answer calls using your voice. This voice dialling works very well and makes driving while making calls much safer as you only need to say who you would like to call and the call is made.

For further information give K and M Acoustics a call and we will gladly answer any questions you may have on 01942 820174.