Portable Office Broadband and CCTV.

The quickest and most cost effective method of obtaining a fast broadband connection in your Mobile Broadbandportable office is to deploy one of our mobile broadband systems. Using the same technology used by many “blue chip” companies, K and M Acoustics, Wigan can supply our mobile broadband technology which can achieve secure networking in places where a regular phone line and internet / broadband service is unavailable. We can provide reliable, long range Wi-Fi access points, VoIP telephone networks and CCTV networks to hire or buy outright.

Many portable offices and construction sites require CCTV surveillance to satisfy insurance risks and provide adequate health and safety on the construction site. Remote monitoring of CCTV requires a reliable broadband connection to your portable office / construction site, allowing viewing of CCTV from a security centre or operations centre.

K and M Acoustics can install CCTV into the vehicles remaining on site to provide real time video feeds to the site office and security centre with options to record work in progress and satisfy health and safety / duty of care requirements. To achieve fast mobile broadband we use several internet services at the same time. Depending on the site position, we will choose several mobile internet providers using a mixture of 3G HSDPA, 4G LTE, and Satellite Internet.

A single mobile internet provider is not suitable for reliable mobile broadband, as broadband speeds would fluctuate and fail depending on conditions. Our system bonds the available networks to achieve a combined faster network effectively adding up the connection speeds to give the fastest mobile broadband possible. Security wise the data is encrypted using 256bit AES VPN which is military grade and protects your data over the mobile networks.

Whether you’re in need of short term broadband hire, long term mobile networking or a full emergency broadband back up system with automatic failover, K and M Acoustics, Wigan can help.

For advice and further information contact Keith Stockley on 01942 820174.