Ford Towbars Wigan

Ford Towbars Wigan.You’ve built the perfect Ford, after long, dedicated hours finding the best parts, body kits, and accessories, now you need to make sure you can bring all of your kit along with you. While the internet makes it easy to search for towbars in the Northwest, ensuring that the results you find are going to be good enough to stick around through years of increased convenience isn’t as simple. Hordes of generic parts auction sites and less-than-reputable garages may claim to have the parts and services you need, but in reality, there’s no substitute for Wigan’s best fitters. KandM Acoustics is there to create the vehicle of your dreams for work play and everything that comes in between.

Towbars are serious business, and you ought to make sure you’re serious about having them installed correctly. You may as well get the most out of your money, and since you’ve already spent so much on that Ford itself, why risk your investment on a poor install just because you feel like saving a few pounds in the short term? Instead, go for quality, and seek out pro Wigan fitters who know how to apply the appropriate weights and measures standards to your Ford as they install towbars and tow balls that can handle heavy loads.

At KandM Acoustics in Wigan, you can take advantage of over 18 years of experience without having to learn how to install your own towbars for a similar time period. In a few hours, we can create a custom Ford setup that any Wigan driver would envy, and we’ll guarantee that our work will exceed minimum legal requirements. We find that going above and beyond expectations is the best way to deliver safe installs, and our long track record has proven the philosophy rather effective.

Our KandM Acoustics fitters are the only people who will touch your Ford after you turn it over to us, so you needn’t worry about poor work or cheap imitation parts. Regardless whether you need new towbars, audio or multimedia and security systems, KandM Acoustics is your best choice, so check us out online or visit our completely outfitted, full-service Wigan location in person today.

For more information on Towbars contact Mike, Kieth or any of the Kand M team on 01942 820174.