VW Towbars Wigan

VW Towbars Wigan, KandM Acoustics can install your VW towbar today!
Whether your VW is a little Beetle, the Touareg station wagon, a Transporter, Golf, Polo or Passat, KandM Acoustics can install your towbars today from their fully outfitted shop in Wigan. VW’s can easily tow small items such as a bike trailer, a small utility trailer, or even a small boat, but deciding which towbar is right for the job can be difficult. The towing professionals at KandM Acoustics in Wigan can help. We will take the time to answer your towing questions and help you choose from our great selection of towbars and towing accessories so that you can get the job done.

For more information on towbars contact Mike, Keith or any of the team phone 01942 820174.
Depending on the model, a VW can take Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 towbars. A Class 1 towbar is for light towing, while a Class 2 towbar is for medium weight, unbraked towing up from 1201kg to 1500kg and the Class 3 towbar, the heaviest weight capacity towbar for VW’s, is used for braked towing of heavier trailers from 1501kg to 2000kg. Installation on some models, like the small VW Beetle, can be tricky and requires a special fitting to ensure safe towing, so you’ll want to go to KandM Acoustics were the experienced towing specialists can install the towbar safely.
When you choose a company to supply and install your VW towbar you want a business that cares about the quality of the towbar and maintaining the highest safety standards in its installation. Kand M Acoustics has been in business for over 18 years and we’re the #1 source for towbars in Wigan and in Northwest England. We take pride in our work and we install your towbar to meet and exceed the highest safety requirements in towing. You’ll also have peace of mind since we offer a lifetime guarantee on your towbar. That means if your towbar is compromised by wear and tear, we’ll replace it immediately. That’s  great value considering most manufacturers only offer a one year guarantee.
KandM Acoustics provides quality service at a great price, so stop by the shop in Wigan or visit KandM Acoustics online at www.kandmacoustics.co.uk

Contact Mike Keith or any of the team Phone 01942 820174.