DTE Diesel Engine Management Systems Installer in Wigan

Diesel Chip in Wigan Fuel Saving Guage Living in a culture where oil prices are continually on the rise, it is easy to understand why more fuel efficient vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Even with diesel fuel prices staying consistently lower than other fuel types, it seems that regardless of the type of fuel used, when the low fuel alert sounds, it is a very painful noise for every vehicle driver. There are many options available for tuning a vehicle to provide a more economical fuel consumption rate. Unfortunately, most of these involve expensive modifications and engine and exhaust system reworks. There is a solution available that is specifically manufactured for diesel engines: DTE Diesel Engine Management Systems Installer.

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Every fuel injection engine, whether diesel or any other engine type, comes with an ECU (Engine Control Unit) that controls all of the variables involved in fuel consumption. This computer controls the Engine Management which in turn, controls the fuel injection rate. The Engine Management accomplishes this by measuring the air intake of the engine and ATTEMPTS to produce the best possible fuel economy for the vehicle. K and M Acoustics manufactures a DTE System that, when installed, modifies the signals that are received by the ECU, opening and closing the fuel injection valves to precision rates without wasting unnecessary amounts of fuel. This tool is tuned to the exact model of the vehicle and is programmed to provide the perfect combination of air intake and fuel injection. The result of this is a far more fuel efficient engine. This device can be fitted on to a host of diesel vehicles, providing unique ECU modifications for each vehicle type.

Fuel Saving Pump in WiganNot only does the DTE system provide a far more efficient engine for many diesel vehicles, it also produces a higher torque and increased horsepower output. It accomplishes all of this all the while keeping the vehicle more fuel efficient! Depending upon the vehicle, this product can also modify the air filter control, resulting in enhanced effects of both fuel economy and horse power. This product is safe and efficient at what it does by adjusting the fuel economy variables controlled by the ECU according to each individual vehicle.

The DTE system manufactured by K and M Acoustics is a perfect solution for almost any fuel injected diesel vehicle. This product will indeed pay for itself in time because of the amount of fuel saved during regular use. Engine Management is nothing new and has been around ever since fuel injected vehicles starting rolling off the assembly lines. This system simply provides the perfect combinations of all of the variables involved in fuel economy.