“The Epicenter gives new meaning to the words Low Bass!”

Your MP3 player thinks your car stereo is a pair of headphones, so it removes the bass! The Epicenter restores the earth-shaking power and heart-pounding bass your subwoofers crave.

Bass Maximizer Now at £193.75

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Patented Digital Bass Restoration System
Bass Maximizer Controls Get The Most From Every Woofer
13.5 Peak Signal Capable
Woofer Protection Circuitry
Dash-mounted Remote Control


Patented Bass Maximizer
The Epicenter contains a bass maximization circuit that accurately recreates
and injects low frequency information back into the signal path. What that
means in everyday terms is that The Epicenter will give more bass impact to
your best compact discs or even your mp3 or I-pod

What’s the use of having good bass if you can’t control it? The Audio Control Epicenter
has a unique equalization circuit that contours the restored bass to your speaker

Dash Mount Control
The Epicenter is designed to be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, with the
exception of the front bumper or radiator. It comes with a dash mountable control
that allows you to enjoy the effects of The Epicenter without having to leave
the drivers seat. The dash mount control also has a dual color LED indicator
that can be rain forest green or sunshine amber. This LED will grow brighter as
you add more bass or dimmer when you decrease it.

Bass Maximizer Indicator
Not only does The Audio Control Epicenter Concert Series provide magic to your ears, but
it also gives you some visual enjoyment as well. On the chassis of The Epicenter
is a back lighted logo that flashes when the bass maximization circuit is
activated. Special effects in your trunk!

PFM Subsonic Filter
This unique feature is legendary with many Audio Control fanatics for its
ability to fine tune the bass response of any system. Why waste power on nasty
subsonic information when your Programmable Frequency Match (PFM) filter
can help you clean things up?

Bass Output Control
The Epicenter circuitry has the ability to produce large amounts of deep,
mind shattering bass without damaging your speakers. The Bass Output Control
circuit allows The Epicenter to maximize the bass output of any auto sound audio
system while restraining destructive bursts. Yeh!!

BUY NOW AT £193.75