Anti – Hijacking Systems

Anti Hijack Systems and Key Crime Protection.Car keys stolen via letterbox

There is a major problem with all cars; if somebody steels your keys they can steel your car. Be it by hijacking your car while you are in it or by getting your keys another way, once the keys are in a thief’s hand your vehicle is gone. Car theft has been reducing due to the quality of immobilisers and security but theft of cars by taking the keys is on the increase.
You may have heard about the “hook and cane” approach where a thief will use a hook attached to a cane to take car keys from a table via the letterbox. There are other ways your car keys could fall into the wrong hands and without one of our security systems you may never see your car again.

Car Keys Stolen



Clifford Blackjax

Clifford Blackjax is probably the best system to protect your car available on the market today.
Blackjax stops your car being stolen, even if a thief gets your keys.
One way or another, thieves have been getting peoples car keys to steel their car.
With the keys obviously they can unlock and start your car, but as they drive the Clifford asks for a code, this is entered with just two buttons and is really easy to do but a thief does not know the combination, if they don’t enter the code the Clifford starts to flash the brake lights letting the cars behind know it is going to shut your car down. If they don’t enter the code it waits for your car to slow down to a safe speed, switches the engine off and triggers the siren. Now your car has stopped it puts the hazard warning lights on.
Even if your car gets stolen, they only get a short distance and you get your car back straight away.

Have a look at the video below.

Clifford Callguard
This is a GSM pager which can directly text your mobile phone if your alarm goes off, it has individual inputs and outputs we can configure to give you various features such as remote immobilisation. This is best done in a way so your car will not start once the engine is turned off as opposed to switching the engine off while the car is moving. It has the added benefit of location on demand, so you can get the co-ordinates of where your vehicle is and see it on a map. This can be used as a basic tracking system which all runs on a pay as you go phone sim.

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Anti Hijack Immobiliser
This is a very simple system which only lets your car be started by pressing a hidden switch. A thief would not be able to start your car without knowing where the hidden switch is located. We can be quite creative when choosing the location so the switch cannot be stumbled upon.