Car Audio Advice

If you want to make a really big difference to the way your car sounds, get an amplifier as soon as possible. An amplifier will make everything sound better, because there is more power your music will play loud, clear and will not distort.

I want better speakers
People often ask us to replace the speakers in their car, they say something along the lines of “the speakers are rubbish, when I turn it up they sound really bad”.
The problem is often not the speakers, but what is being put into them. The stereo only has a small amount of power (even a 60 Watt stereo is only around 12 real watts)
If you put distortion in, you get distortion out!
Now replacing the speakers for better ones will make things a little bit louder and a little bit clearer, but unless you add more power the difference is small.
The cost to buy good front component speakers and good rear speakers that match will cost around the same as a great amplifier but the amplifier is by far the best value as it will make even standard fit speakers play loud & clear.

But the standard speakers don’t play any bass
Neither do new speakers!
Well not any real bass.
If you take say a 130mm speaker and replace it with a better one, you will not suddenly have better bass. Unless you go bigger, there is very little difference in the speaker’s ability to play bass.
Speakers these sizes are just too small to move enough air.
If you want nice effortless, quality, warm sounding music with a nice full bass sound then you need a subwoofer, and you can’t have a subwoofer without an amplifier.

So you are saying buy the amplifier first?
Yes, but not just any amplifier.
To get good sound quality you need an amplifier that can run all your music speakers and a subwoofer.
The amplifier needs to have some good crossovers with a great range of adjustments so we can set your music to play crystal clear while at the same time play the subwoofer for that nice warm bass sound.
If your standard speakers are in working order then this works really well, you can always upgrade the speakers later.
K&M Acoustics have a list of amplifiers we recommend which will do all you need.
It’s worth calling in for the latest offers.

So I need a subwoofer?
Yes whatever music you listen to, there is absolutely loads of information in the music that car speakers just can’t play.
Jazz, Classical, R&B and Dance music all need a subwoofer to recreate the music correctly. Classical music is the hardest to reproduce faithfully in car audio, without a subwoofer it’s just impossible.

I don’t want anything too big
Modern subwoofers can work in quite small enclosures, we custom build the enclosure so it fits your car, sometimes we can hide it altogether, or have it removable. It can be trimmed to match you boot, or even be made into a feature. Whatever you need, we can do it.
I don’t know how to fit an amplifier
No Problem, K&M Acoustics offer free installation on any good amplifier bought from them, all you need to do is pay for the cables. K&M Acoustics will set your amplifier too so all the crossovers and settings are matched to your car audio system ensuring the best sound quality possible.
What happens if I change my car?
K&M Acoustics offer a removal service which is free as long as we are to be installing the same equipment in your next vehicle. We require a deposit when we supply the removal service which is deducted when we re-fit your equipment.