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One of the first and most important items in a car audio system is the head unit/CD / i-Pod player.

We deal with many manufacturers including Clarion, Pioneer, Kenwood, and Sony, however we tend to recommend Alpine for head units as its the brand we believe offers the best sound quality.

Alpine have always been known as the best car audio head units, the sound quality and reliability make them great value for money giving you years of listening pleasure.

We have head units on display in our shop, so you can touch them and get a feel for them and have a good listen before you buy. Some features you may like are:-

  • Full i-Pod control – Change and choose your music all from the stereo.
  • Hands Free – Make and Recieve phone calls effortlessly on the move
  • USB – Easy access to all your music on USB sticks
  • Line Out – Amplifiers can be connected for greater sound quality
  • Subwoofer Level – Easy to adjust the level of your Subwoofer

Give us a call on 01942 820174 for the latest prices.

Our experts can offer advise on the best way to make your car sound great, we will make sure you get the stereo that offers the features you need now and still leave options for future expansion.

Our philosophy is to “Buy good stuff once” so to help you we will offer an all in price with either Free fitting or fitting included. We even offer free removal (subject to deposit) when you change car, ask us for details.


Alpine offer full control of your Apple i-Phone or i-Pod.

i-Phone 4 front


Alpine Car Audio



When you plug an Apple i-Phone or i-Pod into your Alpine it will charge and give you full control of the following:

  • SONG

A smart feature is you can jump furthur into the alphabet by using the 6 presets, so preset 1 is the begining of the alphabet and preset 6 is the end. 2,3,4,5 are inbetween.

This enables you to easily bring your favourite music collection in to your car . With simple to navigate, on-screen menus such as artist, album, track-title, playlist and genre, you will find browsing through your collection very fast and easy.

All alpine products are made to a superb quality and have full speed data transfer with instant, glitch-free playback and control. Prices start from £140 fully fitted.

FM Modulator

This is by far the cheapest option to get music, from your iPod, to play through your car audio system. The modulator is hard wired into the cars radio and the music plays as if it was coming from a standard radio station. All of the functions are done by the iPod so it must be located in an easy to access position. We have brackets and chargers to fit almost any car. Prices start from £99.

Factory Integration/AUX In

This is a good option for people who want to keep their original factory installed car stereo. The functionality of the system depends on the car. The best advice would be to give us a call, either in-store, over the phone or via an e-mail beforehand. Prices start from £180.