Sound Deadening

This is commonly overlooked by most people when building a good/loud car audio system. We recommend that if upgrading the front speakers of your car that you first sound deaden the doors.

If you where to place your hand on the outside door panel while playing music you will feel the door panel resonating with the frequency of the audio. This is sound quality and energy being lost through your speakers vibrating the car as well as the air inside, this problem gets a whole lot worse if you have a subwoofer installed.



Sound deadening prevents losses, stops rattles, reduces road & wind noise and cleans up the sound quality to make your music sound much more detailed.

Acoustic Diffuser

There is a great product which also greatly reduces the reflection of sound back through the speakers which is an acoustic defusing foam. This is attached to the inner door directly behind the speaker. Sound which is reproduced from the rear of the speaker is opposite to the front so has a negative effect on what you want to hear. The acoustic defusing foam absorbs the unwanted rear wave making the front wave more productive.

The Skinz System kit is ideal as this comes complete with normal sound deadening as well as the acoustic defusing foam making it an ideal partner to the good quality speakers you are installing in your vehicle.


Prices for sound deadening start at £25 / pack which can be divided up to make it go further, its best to ask advise as to the key areas suited to your vehicle.

If you would like to know more about sound deadening or advise on how to install it give the shop a quick call on 01942 820174.