Diesel Tuning in Wigan, Re-map and Diesel Chips

Diesel Tuning

K and M Acoustics are your local Wigan specialists in Diesel Chip Turning, otherwise known as the re-mapping or programming of your car’s management system. This efficient and cost-effective procedure will help optimise your car’s performance on the road. We take pride in offering customers a professional, experienced and approachable family-run service, with collective decades of experience in mechanical customisation and diagnostics. With the economy in crisis and the cost Diesel Chip in Wigan Fuel Saving Guageof fuel rising weekly, it’s never been more important to keep your car running as efficiently and economically as possible. K and M Acoustics offer a variety of individualised performance-enhancing services to help you keep your vehicle running at optimum levels.

For your vehicle information contact Keith or Mike on: 01942 820174.

With ever-rising fuel costs and uncertainty over fuel supplies, it’s never been more important to economise your fuel use. Studies have shown that fuel economy can be improved by twenty per cent after the engine has been put through a diesel-tuning procedure. K and M Acoustics are experienced at remapping the software parameters of your vehicle’s operating system customising the settings specifically for your car. Fewer revolutions of the engine will lengthen the life span of the vehicle, increase power and smoothen acceleration which will result in more economical use of fuel. Naturally, experienced drivers and fuel-saving techniques while on the road will result in greater fuel economy. There’s no other dealership in Wigan who will provide such a comprehensive and expert service in diesel tune-up and vehicular performance enhancement.

Isn’t This The Manufacturer’s Job?

Many car owners use poor-quality fuel on a regular basis, or do not take their vehicle in for regular services. This is the reason why many car manufacturers do not bother tuning their engines for maximum optimisation, placing restrictions in place that limit performance. Many manufacturers re-map the modular engines to maintain a lower cost-per-engine Fuel Saving Pump in Wiganratio, which results in inflated products with arbitrary outputs. Modern engines are capable of so much more than what comes out of the manufacturer’s showroom. K and M Acoustics offer car enthusiasts a cost-efficient and reliable solution to engine customisation and performance tuning.

If you’re a turbo-charged car owner near Wigan, don’t miss this opportunity to boost vehicle acceleration and experience a smoother, more enjoyable safer driving experience. Engine tuning results in improved torque, in addition to enhanced overtaking ability.

Please give Keith or Mike a quick call on 01942 820174 and they will go through all the options.