Fleet Tracking


Tracking gps system

Over the last few years fleet tracking has generally been expensive to buy and the running costs have usually involved a lengthy contract involving lease of the product rather than owning it. Often people found themselves paying monthly for a vehicle that had been sold or replaced or for one reason or another not used.

Our systems are available to buy outright or on a short contract, either way you get low running costs.

The system is scalable so can be used on just one vehicle and add more as and when you require.

We offer portable units which work on the same system giving the flexibility to swap between vehicles or attach to high risk stock at short notice.


Tracking Software – For all the products below.

Fleet Tracking with Temperature


As you can see there is a split screen option which can show road level pictures as well as satellite view along with speed, direction and road name.

Any of the sytems below can be used with this tracking software. Once you log in all your vehicles and assets are shown on one map. Clicking any one will show a close up and the position. The HISTORY button shows where your vehicle has been. Date range and spreadsheet outputs are all easily controlled to supply all the information you need.

Affordable Fleet Tracking

 Fleet Tracking System, designed for all vehicle types.

Typical cost is £330 fully installed. 

Portable asset tracking system

Portable System, has its own battery and works for 4 – 5 Months between charges.

Ideal for Plant, H.G.V, Mini Diggers or any portable appliance.

Typical cost £299.

Emergency Tracking, Locator.

Personal Tracker, has its own battery and works for 7 to 10 days between charges.

Ideal for tracking any valuable, Infirm person, Children or Vehicle.

Pannic button can alert others of position.

Typical cost £189.

Extra features

GEO FENCE (Perimeter Alert)

Fleet tracking perimeter fence

“Geo fence” lets you set an area which will alert you should a unit enter or leave.

The geo fence function is handy if you would like to be notified when a vehicle enters or exits a specified map area.

Warnings can be sent via text message directly to your phone.

Here are a few of the common Questions and answers.

Q – Can I see all my vehicles & tracking systems on one map?
A – Yes all your tracking systems can be seen from just one log in account.

Q – Can I get an alert if a vehicle goes somewhere it shouldn’t?
A – Yes the term is geo-fence, and can send a text to your phone on entering or leaving a specified area of the map.

Q – How easy is it to use?
A – It is very easy to use, we help you understand how to use the system and get the most from it.

Q – What if I change vehicle?
A – We offer a removal and refit service ensuring the swap over runs smoothly.

Q – Who owns the equipment?
A – You do; buy it once. No lease no contract and save money.

Q- Can the tracking unit be seen?
A – No the installation is very discreet, nobody would know it has been installed.